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A new international airport has appeared in Western Siberia

07.02.2023 ТАСС 42 просмотров

Tobolsk Airport has received international status.

The airport of Tobolsk named after Semyon Remezov in The Tyumen Region is open for international flights, follows from the government decree published on Monday.

"To open a multi-sided checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation for international flights of aircraft and install an air cargo—passenger checkpoint operating on an irregular basis in it," the document says.

The Tobolsk Remezov Airport was built with the participation of the Sibur petrochemical company in partnership with the Tyumen Region in record time — 2 years. It is equipped with a 2,400-meter-long runway and is capable of receiving and servicing SSJ-100, Boeing-737, and Airbus A320/321 aircraft. The capacity of the airport is up to 380 people per hour. As part of the national industry award "Air Gates of Russia", the Tobolsk Remezov Airport was recognized as the best investment project.

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