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A Moderna vaccine manufacturing plant may appear in Japan

15.09.2022 ТАСС 97 просмотров

The plant will be able to produce flu vaccines, as well as coronavirus vaccines.

The American pharmaceutical corporation Moderna may build a new plant in Japan for the production of vaccines, including against coronavirus. This was stated by the company's CEO Stefan Bansel in an interview published on Wednesday with the Nikkei newspaper.

"We are thinking about a factory where all production processes will be carried out in one place. The location and other details have not yet been determined, but the plant will be able to produce influenza vaccines, as well as coronavirus vaccines," Stefan Bansel said.

At the same time, according to him, the construction of the enterprise will begin if the company signs a partnership agreement with the Japanese government for a period of 10 years, involving the regular purchase of vaccines.

As for the future of coronaviruses, Stefan Bansel said that "they will never disappear completely" and that "like the flu, this is something society must coexist with." He added that "in the end, annual vaccination will protect most people from infection."

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