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The first Christmas tree was lit in Yakutia

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The solemn event was attended by Santa Claus and the Keeper of the world Cold Chyshaan.

The ceremony of lighting the first New Year tree in Yakutia took place on Thursday at Lenin Square in the capital of the region as part of the All-Russian festival "Winter begins with Yakutia".

The solemn event was attended by Santa Claus, the Keeper of the world Cold Chyshaan and the symbol of the coming year - a rabbit. During the ceremony, Chishaan handed over to Santa Claus the symbol of cold, which means the onset of winter in all corners of the country.

"Winter begins in Yakutia - we are one of the first in the country to light a Christmas tree," Chairman of the Government of Yakutia Andrey Tarasenko said during the ceremony. According to the government of the region, simultaneously with the main Christmas tree of the republic on December 1, the lights of Christmas trees are lit throughout the region.

The festival "Winter begins with Yakutia" has been held in the republic since 2011. This year it runs from November 28 to December 4, the program is focused on children's activities. Concerts, exhibitions, screenings of Yakut cinema, creative contests will be held. As previously reported in the Yakutsk City Hall, it was decided to abandon city events within the framework of the festival to buy New Year's gifts for the children of the military participating in the SVO.

At the moment, the Taste of Yakutia food festival has already started, the world's first Arctic stroganina center has opened, where national dishes from fish and meat will be cooked year-round at extremely low temperatures. On Thursday and Friday, residents and guests of the capital will be able to visit the fair of masters of folk arts and crafts and producers of Yakutia.

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