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Draft amendments to the Constitution published in Uzbekistan

26.06.2022 ТАСС 133 просмотров

A draft law on amendments and additions to the Constitution has been published in Uzbekistan.

The newspaper "Narodnoe Slovo", in accordance with the decision of the parliament, published on Saturday a draft developed on the initiative of the president Shavkat Mirziyoyeva, draft constitutional law on amendments and additions to the Constitution of Uzbekistan.

The document contains several dozen amendments and additions that are supposed to be made to the basic law of the country. In particular, it is proposed to increase the presidential term from five to seven years and ban the death penalty.

According to the draft, Uzbekistan's foreign policy is based on the principles of respect for human rights and freedoms, sovereign equality of States, non-use of force or threat of force, inviolability of borders, territorial integrity of States, peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference in the internal affairs of other States and other generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

The document also states that the rights and freedoms of man and citizen are recognized and guaranteed in the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the generally recognized norms of international law and in accordance with this Constitution and that the Republic guarantees protection and protection to its citizens, both on its territory and abroad.

The proposed version of the Constitution guarantees the right of every person to inviolability, personal and family secrets, protection of their honor and dignity. No person is obliged to testify against themselves and their loved ones.

As previously reported, at the suggestion of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, after a nationwide discussion, the draft of a new version of the constitution will be submitted to a referendum.

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