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Sri Lanka has established a league of teachers of the Russian language

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Its participants plan to intensify humanitarian cooperation and provide assistance to Sri Lankan schools.

The League of Teachers, which unites teachers of the Russian language of Sri Lanka, was established on Friday in this island state. As Maria Popova, head of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Sri Lanka, told TASS by phone, the decision to establish the league was made during the Forum of Russian Public Schools of the country.

Russian Russian Teachers' League of the Island with its headquarters in the Russian House in Colombo has been adopted today. This decision was made at the Forum of Russian Public Schools in Sri Lanka, which opened last Wednesday at the site of the Russian House in Colombo," Maria said. Popova.

She noted that within the framework of the league, it is planned to organize field seminars for teachers of Russian with the participation of native speakers of the Russian language in the island's schools. A seminar on teacher training will also be organized on the basis of the Russian House in Colombo. In addition, the league intends to intensify humanitarian cooperation and assist Sri Lankan schools in equipping Russian language classes with equipment, helping them with educational literature.

The forum was attended by the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives Levan Jagaryan, directors and teachers of Sri Lankan schools where the Russian language is studied, members of the public, journalists. The Russian Embassy presented educational literature in Russian to Sri Lankan schools.

Russian Russian House in Colombo has handed over to schools sets of textbooks for learning the Russian language "The Road to Russia" and other methodological manuals. We expressed our readiness to support Sri Lankan Russian speakers and provide the necessary assistance for effective teaching of Russian as a foreign language on the island," the agency interlocutor said.

Sri Lankan Russian scholars at the meeting shared their teaching experience and named the difficulties they face in their work. This is the need to improve their skills, and the insufficient equipment of Russian language classrooms, the lack of digital boards and computers, including Russian-language keyboards, and the lack of textbooks.

"At the same time, there are a lot of young people studying Russian on the island. Some schools have from 600 to 800 students who study Russian. The decision to establish the League of Russian Language Teachers in Sri Lanka lays a serious potential for bilateral cooperation," Maria Popova added.

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