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Underwater robotics began to be taught in Vladivostok schools

19.10.2022 ТАСС 89 просмотров

Robotics training will be conducted during two academic months.

Students of seven schools in Vladivostok began to study underwater robotics, the discipline became part of the training program of the subject "Technology". This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the city administration.

"The first lessons of underwater robotics have started in seven schools in Vladivostok. Students will study the principles of designing and programming robots within one of the technology blocks. Robotics training is provided in the educational program and will be conducted during two academic months," the report says.

The press service of TASS reported that robotics lessons are attended by both boys and girls studying in grades 4-6. The students will work with the autonomous Elementary AUV device, which was developed by the Vladivostok Robotics Center. "The guys will study the principles of robot programming, learn how to control an autonomous vehicle under and above water, study the elements of the theory of automatic control, learn how to control a robot along the line, use various sensors. In general, a very exciting block awaits the children," explained Oksana Kabantsova, a methodologist at the Robotics Center.

Teachers have previously been trained at the Robotics Center. During the week at the beginning of the school year, they passed all the tasks of the program and passed the exam.

"In addition to the school curriculum, children will be able to attend robotics lessons in the future as part of additional education. It will be interesting for those who want to study such a discipline in a more in-depth format or additionally," said Maxim Kilchevsky, head of the city department for Work with municipal educational institutions.

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