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Mass testing of residents for coronavirus was carried out in Shanghai

14.06.2022 ТАСС 121 просмотров

Mass testing for COVID-19 over the weekend in Shanghai covered over 29.9 million people.

The mass testing of the Shanghai population for COVID-19, which the authorities conducted on June 11-12, covered over 29.9 million people. Such data were presented on Monday by the city administration at a regular press conference on combating the spread of infection in the metropolis.

Last weekend, the authorities organized mass testing in various districts. At the time of sampling, residential complexes were usually closed for several hours, and only after the end of testing, residents were able to leave the territory of the compounds.

The authorities decided to conduct mass testing despite the fact that residents already have to take covid tests almost daily, because without a negative result valid for 72 hours, it is impossible to use public transport, enter shopping malls, visit public catering facilities, offices, parks, banks and all government institutions.

On Sunday, according to official data, 11 confirmed cases and 26 asymptomatic carriers of covid were identified in the city. On Saturday, there were 10 and 19, respectively. The indicators increased slightly compared to the working days of last week, but only slightly.

In the middle of last week, information appeared about the authorities' intention to close residential complexes in certain areas throughout Shanghai for mass testing, which raised residents' concerns about the possible introduction of new lockdowns. Many, as the TASS correspondent was convinced, hurried to grocery stores to prepare for the next home quarantine, which lasted in the metropolis for about two months and was canceled for the whole city only on June 1. However, these fears were not confirmed. The only exceptions were those few residential or office buildings in which cases of covid were detected.

Lockdown for some areas of Shanghai began to be introduced from March 28, and on April 1 the entire city was closed. Separate residential areas throughout the metropolis have been quarantined since mid-March. It was the toughest and longest lockdown among Chinese cities for the entire time of the spread of covid. The authorities assure that the situation is now under control, and the number of new cases detected is insignificant for such a densely populated city, where about 25 million people have permanent residence.

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