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In Primorye, 23 thousand "Far Eastern hectares" were given out in five years

26.11.2022 ТАСС 143 просмотров

Primorsky Krai reported on the results of the Far Eastern Hectare program.

The authorities of Primorsky Krai have provided citizens with 23 thousand land plots for five years of implementation of the law "On the Far Eastern hectare". This was reported on Friday by the press service of the regional government.

"Since the beginning of the implementation of the law "On the Far Eastern hectare" in Primorye has considered more than 73 thousand applications for land plots, 23 thousand land plots have been provided for free use, more than 2 thousand have already been registered as property. The program has been running for five years, and during this time its demand in the region has grown significantly," the report says.

According to the press service, in 2022 it was planned to provide 2,570 plots for free use, but the plan was exceeded, almost 3 thousand plots were issued during the year.

The programs for the free provision of land plots "Far Eastern Hectare" and "Arctic Hectare" operate in 18 regions, in the Far East, Primorye is the leader in the provision of land plots, in the Arctic zone — the Murmansk region, the press service reported, citing data from the Federal Ministry for the Development of the Far East and Arctic.

The press service added that in Primorye has programs to support citizens who have received the "Far Eastern hectare". They concern, in particular, novice farmers: microloans, soft loans, grants are issued. Entrepreneurs who have received land plots are also implementing housing construction projects, creating tourist infrastructure.

Support for businesses implementing their projects using the Far Eastern Hectare program is conducted in Primorye within the framework of the regional state program "Economic development and innovative economy of Primorsky Krai", the message says.

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