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A master class "Mediation: the Era of new media" will be held in Petropavlovsk

16.09.2022 ИАЦ МГУ 16 просмотров

A series of master classes entitled "Mediation: The Era of New Media" will be held for journalists on the territory of the GREEN Which HOTEL complex in Petropavlovsk, the Republic of Kazakhstan from September 23 to 24.

The event is organized by the Information and Analytical Center of Moscow State University (IAC MSU) and ANO "Russian Reporters".

The participants of the program will be 40 active journalists of publications, the topics of the master classes will be:

1. Current trends in the world of information technology

2. Challenges to the development of new media in the digital age

3. Features of media consumption in the Eurasian space

4. Problems of competition between traditional media and new media

5. Storytelling: how to write delicious

At the end of the event, all participants will receive certificates.

Participation is free, registration is required.

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