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In Beijing, part of the anti-weed restrictions will be lifted

28.11.2022 ТАСС 167 просмотров

The Beijing authorities intend to reduce the impact of anti-weed measures on the life of the population.

The administration of Beijing's largest Chaoyang district will promptly lift restrictions imposed on territories where cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded in order to minimize the impact of anti-covid measures on the lives of the population. This was stated on Sunday at a press conference dedicated to the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection in Beijing, deputy head of the administration of this district of the Chinese capital Yang Beibei.

"As for areas with an increased risk of infection, the restrictions imposed there will be lifted in a timely manner after such measures as the identification of foci of spread, PCR testing among the population and disinfection. The impact of [quarantine measures] on the lives of residents of such areas will be minimized," said a representative of the Chaoyang district administration.

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