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A meeting with the artist Hassan Ruholamini will take place at the Museum of the East

07.02.2023 Пресс-центр Государственного музея Востока 49 просмотров

The State Museum of the East invites you to a creative meeting with the Iranian artist Hassan Ruholamini.

The meeting is timed to coincide with the exhibition "Painting of the Heart" and will be held in Farsi with a parallel translation. The event will take place on February 8 at 18:00 at:

 Moscow, Nikitsky Boulevard, 12-a. 

Admission is free, pre-registration is required.


Hassan Ruholamini (born in 1985) is a well—known Iranian artist. In 2003 he graduated from the Tehran School of Fine Arts, and in 2011 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) degree from the Art College of Shahid University (Tehran). The artist's solo exhibitions have been successfully held in Iran and European countries (Belgium, France and Germany and other countries).  Hassan Ruholamini skillfully combines in his work the achievements of classical European painting with Islamic aesthetics, perception of the world and its history. At the center of the artist's creative search is the history of Islam, the place of man in the world. In Ruholamini's canvases, one can see the life of a suffering and loving heart, embodying all its tragic and at the same time bright religious experience in paintings.


The media resource "Greater Asia" is an official information partner The State Museum of the East

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