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The Museum of the East will tell about the Mongolian New Year

14.02.2023 Пресс-центр Государственного музея Востока 59 просмотров

On February 19, at 18.00, the Museum of the East will host a lecture dedicated to the New Year traditions of Mongolia.

The holiday "Tsagaan-Sar" (White Month) — The New Year according to the lunar calendar officially begins with sunrise on the first day of the first month of spring according to the lunar calendar.  In 2023, the eve of the holiday falls on February 21.

At the lecture, students will learn about the peculiarities of the Mongolian calendar and why the Mongolian New Year does not coincide with the Chinese one, how the first day of the holiday and its eve are celebrated, what gifts are customary to give and how to congratulate. The lecturer will also talk about the traditions of New Year's divination. Visitors of the event will taste real Mongolian tea Sutei tsai.


The lecture starts at 18:00, the ticket price is 400 rubles.


The media resource "Greater Asia" is an official information partner The State Museum of the East

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