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Participants of competitions of fighters of special divisions returned to Moscow

28.02.2023 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 25 просмотров

Special forces of the Russian Guard – participants of the international competitions "UAE SWAT Challenge-2023" were solemnly welcomed in Moscow.

In the tournament, which took place from February 20 to 24 in Dubai, the team of the Rosgvardiya SOBR took third place, and the military personnel of the Vityaz Special Purpose Center entered the top twenty special forces in the world.


In their native land, the Rosgvardians were met in a solemn atmosphere with bread and salt by the head of the Main Directorate of the Special Forces of the Rosgvardiya, Lieutenant General Igor Semilyak, commander of a Separate Operational Division named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky of the National Guard Troops, Major General Nikolai Kuznetsov, commander of the Special Purpose Center "Vityaz" Hero of Russia Colonel Alexander Beloglazov, officers of the central apparatus of the Rosgvardiya, colleagues, relatives and friends.


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Significant results were achieved by the teams of the Rosgvardiya SOBR and the Vityaz Special Purpose Center of the National Guard troops thanks to constant training, a professional approach to solving tasks, continuous self-improvement and rich experience in participating in counter-terrorism operations.


For five days, in the fierce competition of the competition, special forces officers performed various tactical tasks, during which they overcame obstacles, including a cable stretched between two armored vehicles, hit targets with various weapons (sniper rifles, pistols and submachine guns), freed hostages and evacuated the wounded.


When passing the tests, the judges assessed not only the speed of completing tasks, but also well-coordinated teamwork. Much attention was paid to the observance of safety measures when handling weapons.


In the overall standings, the Rosgvardiya SOBR team became the bronze medalist of the competition, losing to the Dubai police by only 13 points, and the Vityaz CSN took 17th place, entering the top twenty special forces in the world.


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The official representative of Rosgvardiya Valery Gribakin, who accompanied the teams from Rosgvardiya at the championship, noted: "This year there was a great sports competition at the championship. 57 teams from 28 countries competed for the prizes. Moreover, in many countries, team members are athletes who work out the upcoming stages during the year at their own military sports stadiums, built as an analogue of the venues in Dubai. Our teams serve in the units, many joined the national team after returning from the SVO zone. The guys did well, they showed good results."

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