Opening Asia for Russia

A large supermarket chain in Dubai started selling 28 types of products from Russia

14.02.2023 Росконгресс 59 просмотров

Pasta, buckwheat, pickled cucumbers, squash caviar and other products of the Russian brands Agro-Alliance and Uncle Vanya appeared on the shelves of one of the largest retail chains in the UAE — in Union Coop supermarkets.

This became possible thanks to the participation of companies in the program of promotion of Russian agricultural products in the demonstration and tasting pavilions of the Russian Export Center in Dubai.

"This is our first delivery to the UAE, now on the shelves of Union Coop there is an assortment of 12 items of our products: cucumbers, tomatoes and snacks. We were helped to find a partner in Dubai in the pavilion of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Export Center, where they also helped with negotiations to get into the network. Now our products are mostly bought by Russian–speaking customers, but we introduce everyone else to our products with the help of tastings," says Vitaly Duliyenko, Development Director of the Uncle Vanya group of companies.

"Our products are already in demand among Union Coop customers. In total, we sell 16 types of products: pasta, cereals and cereals. The Russian Export Center helped to put a large number of our products on the shelves and ship them to customers. We have been participating for two years in the promotion program through the pavilions of the agro–industrial complex REC in all countries, and we want to express our gratitude to the employees for their professionalism and desire to solve any problems as quickly as possible!", - the director of sales in international markets of the company shares his impressions Agro-Alliance Igor Tsarakov.

"This is one of the first deliveries of Russian agricultural products for export this year, which took place as part of the program to support Russian agricultural products through a system of permanent demonstration and tasting pavilions abroad. In 2022, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, we reengineered this program, and now a number of promotion services are provided to companies for free. This includes entry into foreign retail chains, the so–called listing, registration of goods to enter the market, transportation of exhibition samples, promotions in supermarkets and other services. Now we can literally see how we accompany goods from Russia to the dining table of a foreign buyer. We invite companies to actively join this program and apply for participation and placement of products in our showrooms," emphasizes Alexey Solodov, Vice President of the Russian Export Center.

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