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Six new metro stations will be built in Krasnoyarsk

11.08.2022 ТАСС 111 просмотров

Six metro stations, two of them land-based, will be built in Krasnoyarsk.

Six stations, including two ground stations, will appear on the first in Krasnoyarsk metro lines. The construction of the facility will begin this year, the press service of the Mosproject-3 Group of Companies reported.

"Today, the government of the region signed contracts for carrying out a complex of design and construction works to create a Krasnoyarsk lines of high-speed underground-ground light rail transport. The start of work is planned already this year, the commissioning of the facility — in 2026. <...> In In Krasnoyarsk, on a stretch of about 11 km (from Vysotnaya Street to Shakhterov Street), Mosproekt-3 engineers will place 6 stations — 4 underground and 2 ground—based," the report says.

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