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Indonesia has organized a large-scale entertainment program for G20 leaders

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The G20 leaders were shown a light show and a dance program with the participation of 200 artists.

On Tuesday, the Indonesian authorities organized a large-scale entertainment program and a light show for the participants of the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Bali.

Dinner and performance are organized outdoors in Garuda-Vishnu-Kenchana Park, where there is a statue of the god Vishnu. Its height together with the pedestal is 122 m, it is considered the third largest statue in the world.

The guests of the summit, who were seated at round tables, were shown traditional Balinese dances. The performance was attended by about 200 artists dressed in colorful national costumes. The performance was accompanied by a light show, which effectively beat the natural relief of the park and the trees surrounding the site.

The organizers have prepared shirts in traditional Indonesian style as a dress code for the participants of the summit who came to dinner and entertainment show. The dinner menu mainly included dishes of local cuisine, which were prepared without spicy seasonings and using halal products. It was developed by the famous culinary expert William Wongso. Alcoholic beverages were not offered to the guests.

The G20 summit began on Tuesday on the Indonesian island of Bali. Representatives of the leadership of the member countries of the association discuss issues related to food and energy security, the process of digital transformation and health problems. The meeting will last until November 16.

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