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Hong Kong continues to soften anti-weed measures

20.12.2022 ТАСС 126 просмотров

Hong Kong authorities have announced a further easing of anti-weed measures.

The Hong Kong authorities have decided to further mitigate the anti-weed restrictive measures. This was announced on Tuesday at a press conference by the deputy head of the Department of Health of the local government, Libby Lee.

"The holidays are approaching, and the government is actively working to ease the measures so that we can return to normal life," she said.

From Thursday, locals and tourists will be able to visit bars and clubs without presenting the results of rapid tests for covid, and cinemas are allowed to work with one hundred percent occupancy. Restrictions on the number of guests for banquet halls are also removed.

At the same time, the mask regime and the mandatory vaccination program will continue to operate in the megalopolis.

Recently, about 15 thousand daily cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Hong Kong.

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