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A stand dedicated to the memory of a Regardie officer has been opened in Yekaterinburg

16.09.2022 Пресс-служба Уральского округа войск национальной гвардии Российской Федерации 15 просмотров

A stand dedicated to the memory of a graduate officer of the Rosgvardiya press service, Colonel Sergei Borisovich Postnov, a military journalist whose life was cut short while performing tasks during a special military operation, has been opened in the Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The stand is installed in the location of the 2nd company, where the future officer studied from 1994 to 1997. The event was attended by the head of the Suvorov Military School, reserve Colonel Yuri Zatonatsky, officers of the Rosgvardiya magazine "On Duty" and Suvorov residents. After the grand opening of the stand, those present honored the memory of the officer with a minute of silence and laid flowers at his portrait.

Then a lesson of Courage on the topic "Colonel Postnov's Combat post" was held for the cadets. The officers of the departmental magazine told the Suvorov residents about the official and creative path of the officer and the journalist.

"He is an example for us – military journalists. Colonel Postnov Sergey Borisovich was a real officer – courageous, fair, reasonable. From the very beginning of the special military operation, he was where the troops were, engaged in organizing the work of the press in the immediate vicinity of the front line. He passed certain stages of creative growth, but even more achievements were definitely waiting for him ahead," said the head of the magazine department, Major Alexey Romanenko.

For reference:

Sergey Borisovich Postnov was born on August 1, 1980 in Myshkin, Yaroslavl region in the family of an officer. In 1997 he graduated from the Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School, in 2002 - the Faculty of Culture and Journalism of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense. He received distribution to the newspaper of the Moscow District of the internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia "The Watchful Sentry". He passed all positions from correspondent to editor. In 2012, he was transferred to the magazine "At the combat post". Five years later, he continued his service in the Central Office of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation as head of the information response group of the press service of the Rosgvardiya. A combat veteran. He carried out tasks in the North Caucasus, in the Syrian Arab Republic, areas of a special military operation. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree with swords and the Suvorov Medal. Raised a son and daughter. Colonel Postnov's life was cut short on June 14, 2022 during the performance of service and combat missions.

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