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In the "Days of Protected Areas", throat singing sounded over Katunya-kai

26.08.2022 Пресс-центр Катунского биосферного заповедника 27 просмотров

An evening of ethnic music "Kai over Katun" was held in the Katun Biosphere Reserve on the basis of the ethno-ecological Museum of Altai Culture as part of the All-Russian festival "Days of Protected Areas". 

The event, dedicated to the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia, was held with the aim of popularizing the most ancient form of musical art of the Altai people - throat singing-kai.

The famous Altai musician Alexey Chichakov demonstrated his mastery of throat singing and playing national instruments in front of the guests. Many residents and guests of Ust-Koksinsky district came to listen to Kai's performer. To the accompaniment of topshuur, compositions were played about the beautiful nature of Altai and its inhabitants, about the exploits of the Baatyrs who defended their land from enemies. Between compositions, Alexey Alekseevich willingly shared stories about musical instruments topshuur, komys, shoor and types of Altai kai.      

After the completion of the cultural part of the event, an active game program awaited the guests. Employees of the Ust-Koksin Central Library Natalia Kudryavtseva and Nadezhda Mityashina asked guests Altai riddles about nature and its phenomena, introduced them to Altai folk games, and the bravest were invited to try their hand at the games "Boru le aigyr" (Wolf and Stallion) and "Jer, kay, ot, suu" (Earth, Air, fire, water). Folk games have been preserved and have come down to our days from the depths of centuries and have been passed down from generation to generation, absorbing the best national traditions.  The final part of the event was a tasting of dishes of the Altai national cuisine.

The basis of Altai cuisine, as well as many nomadic peoples, are meat, dairy and flour dishes. Employees of the reserve Anna Maimanova and Anna Prokopenko told about the peculiarities of the national cuisine and shared the ways of cooking some dishes. During the tasting, the participants of the event tasted boorsoki (fried bread), aarchila sarju (melted butter of aarcha), kurut (cheese), honey and everyone was able to make tea with fragrant talkan.  The All-Russian festival "Days of Protected Areas" is held on the initiative of the Roszapovedcenter and the Russian State Library for Youth with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.

The festival runs from August 15 to September 2. Various ecological and educational events aimed at preserving historical and cultural heritage in specially protected natural territories of Russia are held in nature reserves and national parks on these days. 

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