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On the Day of Science, the annual action "Reserved Lecture Hall" began in the Katunsky Reserve

12.02.2023 Пресс-центр Катунского биосферного заповедника 62 просмотров

On the Day of Russian science, the reserve launched the annual ecological and educational campaign "Reserved Lecture Hall".

By tradition, the first lecture was devoted to the research work of a specially protected natural area. The main listeners were the guys from the Rubicon Ecological association and the RGO Youth Club in the Katun Reserve.


During the event, researcher Aisulu Tordokova introduced young ecologists to the main areas of scientific activity of the reserve. She spoke in detail about the methods of studying the animal population, how to measure the height of the snow cover or determine how much water is in solid precipitation, what data can be obtained thanks to autonomous weather stations. The guys also looked at various devices that are used to monitor natural phenomena, got acquainted with the scientific works of the reserved scientists. Of particular interest and delight among the guests were photos and videos of the inhabitants of the reserve, obtained with the help of camera traps.


"Such meetings help to broaden horizons and gain new knowledge, and can also influence the choice of a future profession, because science is not only important and useful, but also a very exciting and interesting type of activity," said Aisulu Arturovna.

The media resource "Greater Asia" is an official information partner Katun Biosphere Reserve.

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