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International parachuting competitions have started in the Chechen Republic

05.10.2022 ТАСС 91 просмотров

The competition brought together 100 of the strongest parachutists from Belarus, Kazakhstan and the regions of Russia.

International competitions dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the President of the Russian Federation and the final of the Cup of Russia in dome piloting gathered in Chechnya 100 of the strongest parachutists from Belarus, Kazakhstan and almost 20 regions of Russia, including the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics. The opening ceremony of the competition was held at the Goodsky Air Center on the basis of the Russian University of Special Forces.

"I am glad that once again the strongest parachutists of the planet gathered in the Chechen Republic on the basis of one of the largest aviation complexes in Europe to identify the best of the best. Parachuting is a sport for strong and brave people who are attracted by an exciting feeling of height. I am sure that such events will serve the development of parachuting in the republic, as well as contribute to the military-patriotic education of young people," Khamzat Kadyrov, head of the secretariat of the head of Chechnya and President of the Parachuting Federation of the region, said at the opening.

International competitions on landing accuracy in the Chechen Republic are being held for the first time, and the final of the Cup of Russia in dome piloting is already for the second time. A total of 26 pilots compete in dome piloting and 67 athletes perform in landing accuracy. The closing of the competition will take place on October 7.

"Today, the strongest parachutists of our country and fraternal republics abroad have gathered here. I am glad that we will be watching an exciting spectacle and the real beauty of parachuting, which will not leave even sophisticated viewers indifferent," said the head of the University of Special Forces Baybetar Vainakhov.

The competition is attended by athletes - winners of the World and European championships, Honored Masters of Sports of Russia and masters of sports of international class.

The Russian University of Special Forces is being built at the expense of private investments on the territory of more than 450 hectares in Gudermes. It is a multifunctional complex of 95 buildings and structures using the latest special information technology solutions. The university covers such areas as fire, tactical-special, airborne, mountain training, as well as the training of bodyguards and military journalists. Almost all of these destinations are accessible to tourists and residents of Chechnya.

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