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In Blagoveshchensk, high school students will be taught spoken Chinese

17.09.2022 ТАСС 75 просмотров

The schools of Blagoveshchensk will introduce electives for the study of spoken Chinese.

Blagoveshchensk schools will launch free electives on learning spoken Chinese for students of grades 9-11 by the end of next week, Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov said on Friday in his Telegram channel.

"The first electives for the study of spoken Chinese started in Blagoveshchensk school No. 22 and gymnasium No. 25. The rest of the city's schools will be connected next week. <...> What is especially important is that language learning is free for children. The project is fully funded from the regional budget. Both payment to teachers and purchase of educational material are provided," Vasily Orlov wrote.

As the head of the region clarified, electives are not mandatory to attend and will take place in their free time from lessons: "I am sure high school students will be interested in this opportunity. Now the world is turning to the East, and in the future specialists with knowledge of the Chinese language will be even more in demand."

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