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Uzbekistan to hold one of the largest aviation forums in the world

21.01.2020 133 просмотров

On February 19 and 20, the main specialists of the aviation industry will gather in the republic to discuss the development of the country's air traffic.

The forum will bring together large international companies on one platform. Full information about the aviation market, airports, services provided, as well as about the latest in the aviation industry will be presented.

Ashgabat  International airport
 set a new world record

The event will contribute to the improvement of logistics activities that can improve passenger travel, affect the pricing policy of air tickets due to the arrival of new carriers, including low-cost carriers. The Uzbek side hopes that after the event, a number of airlines will be interested in flying to Uzbekistan.

Since 2020, the country has introduced a compensation system for airlines operating charter flights. The amount of compensation for each attracted tourist varies depending on the season (from 20 to $50). Also, from October 1, 2019, the “open skies” mode was launched at the Uzbek airports of Karshi, Nukus and Termez using the “fifth freedom of air”, and in the air harbor of Bukhara - with the use of the "fifth freedom of the air" when transporting citizens of foreign states.

This regime allows foreign airlines to operate international flights to the airport without restrictions on the number of flights.

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