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Uzbek Muynak will become Las Vegas

07.02.2019 153 просмотров

Foreign investors proposed to create a casino in the city on the southern coast of the Aral Sea.

The initiative is now taken by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic together with other departments. It is noted that it was planned to create an international tourism cluster in Muynak.

Cambodia decided to bypass the Philippines
in gambling
They want to build a shopping and tourist complex Moynaq City Center, where they will offer unique tourism products. The project includes such services as quad biking on the bottom of the Aral Sea, mud therapy with unique minerals, and taking therapeutic baths in local high-salt lakes.

Muynak Lighthouse should become a new attraction. Nearby there will be a cafe overlooking the dried-up Aral. In honor of the sea, the music of the “noise of the waves” will sound.

There are also plans to build a craft cluster, which will produce souvenirs. One of the ideas is the sale of empty cans with the historical design of the Muynak fish cannery.

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