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Unusual water creature became a symbol of Expo-2025 in Osaka

23.03.2022 185 просмотров

Japan unveiled the mascot for Expo 2025 in Osaka.

The Organizing Committee of the world exhibition Expo-2025, which will be held in 2025 in the city of Osaka, on Tuesday presented the official mascot of the upcoming international event. In the mascot, they developed the idea of the Expo-2025 logo, putting it in the hands of an unusual creature made of water.

The organizing committee noted that the design of the mascot was chosen by voting from among the many applicants. “Following our official logo, we hope that this character will be known and loved around the world as a symbol of Osaka and the world expo,  says the organisers in a statement.

World Universal Exhibitions have been held since 1851 and are the largest global venues for presenting the latest achievements and technologies. In 2020, the exhibition was scheduled in Dubai (UAE), but its opening was postponed to October 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Osaka (Japan) is preparing to host the international event in 2025.

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