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Unusual shawarma is cooked in Chelyabinsk

11.11.2019 184 просмотров

A local chef uses waffle cups instead of pita bread.

This idea came from the thirty-year-old chef Igor Moshkin. The dish is served in one of the city's restaurants. 

Half a ton of kebab was eaten< /b>
2 hours in Turkey
“To be honest, I peeped the concept somewhere. I generally like fake dishes. The human mind gets used to the patterns, and seeing a waffle cup, the guest expects to get something sweet, and then - oops! - Dissonance. In general, I really like ice cream and shawarma, and now they are one,” Igor Moshkin told Good News.  

According to him, like classic shawarma, it is convenient to eat an innovative dish with your hands - a fork is not for this required. 

Note that Igor Moshkin has been working as a chef in various places in Chelyabinsk for 7 years and loves to experiment with classic treats. For example, he previously suggested serving the pâté "in the form of a popsicle" - that is, on a stick.

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