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Unusual action will be held in Dubai on February 14th

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On Valentine's Day, residents of the emirate are offered to give their loved ones ... themselves.

special offer was prepared by the Joi flower and gift delivery service.

Experts named the most popular gifts
Russians for Valentine's Day
For 699 dirhams ($190), customers will be "packed" in a large purple box with a luxurious ribbon and delivered to the door of their significant other halves.

When the recipient begins to unpack the gift, the giver is invited to jump out of the package with balloons in hand. For the safety of customers, they will be placed in the box only before delivery.

The package will also include additional gifts for men and women, such as roses, chocolates and leather goods.

Previously, Greater Asia reported that Japanese women are tired of Valentine's Day. Many women in the Land of the Rising Sun do not want to spend money on sweets.

In Japan, this tradition is called giri choco, or obligatory chocolate. Men must answer on March 14th on White Day, which was invented by candy makers to boost sales.

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