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Ulyanovsk Regardians assisted the UAZ driver on the road

12.02.2023 Пресс-служба Приволжского округа Росгвардии 69 просмотров

Employees of the Rosgvardiya helped the owner to cope with the fire of the car.

Employees of the non-departmental security of the Russian Guard in the Ulyanovsk region, police Sergeant Alexey Lodochnikov and senior police sergeant Dmitry Melnikov, while on the patrol route, noticed a smoke-filled car on the Avenue of the Creators. The guards immediately rushed to the aid of the car owner. Together with the passing driver of another car, who also stopped to provide the necessary assistance, the staff eliminated the source of the fire before the arrival of the fire brigade.

After making sure that no one was injured as a result of the incident and assistance was no longer required, the crew continued to serve law enforcement in the designated area.

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