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The participants of the Yakut expedition on all-terrain vehicles covered more than 3 thousand km

08.03.2023 ТАСС 8 просмотров

In Yakutia, an expedition to remote areas on all-terrain vehicles has ended.

The expedition "North is near. Yakut trails", which went from Yakutsk to the Arctic and remote areas of the republic, has been completed. About 3,000 km have been overcome, Honorary polar explorer of Russia, member of the Russian Geographical Society Nikolai Nakhodkin told TASS on Tuesday. "The expedition went according to plan, safely.

<...> The cars showed themselves well," Nakhodkin said, noting that in total about 3 thousand km were overcome during the expedition over various landscapes, including off-road conditions, mountain passes, ice. The project covered Kobyai, Verkhoyansky, Eveno-Bytantaysky districts.

In particular, thanks to the project, products - eggs, vegetables and fruits - were delivered to the kindergarten in the village of Sebyan-Kyuel in Kobyai district. A reindeer herder also arrived in Yakutsk from the Kobyai district together with the participants of the expedition, he must be examined at a medical facility in the city, the agency interlocutor added.

The expedition involved all-terrain vehicles "Burlak" cargo and passenger and expedition modifications. The equipment can be operated at temperatures from minus 60 to plus 40 degrees.

The project was aimed at finding ways to reduce the delivery time of goods to settlements, which in the future, with good results, will reduce delivery times and distances compared to water transport. In addition, the project should allow considering the possibilities of tourism development.

The expedition together with Rossoyuzspas and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia left Yakutsk on February 20, a team of 12 people went on two all-terrain vehicles "Burlak" to remote and Arctic settlements of Yakutia.

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