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UAE to provide assistance to Russian orphanages

12.01.2022 148 просмотров

The UAE Ambassador to Moscow, Mohammed Ahmed Al Jaber, said that the Emirates support orphanages, schools and other institutions in the Russian Federation "as a sign of friendship and mutual assistance."

The UAE, as a sign of friendship and mutual assistance, is implementing projects aimed at supporting orphanages in Russia, and the emirates intend to continue working in this direction. This was stated in an interview with TASS by the UAE Ambassador to Moscow Mohammed Ahmed al-Jaber.

According to the head of the Emirati diplomatic mission, the UAE attaches paramount importance to the younger generation. "Children is our future. Based on this, in cooperation with charitable organizations in the UAE, the embassy is implementing projects aimed at supporting children and youth,” he said. “By implementing such projects, we want to make our small contribution to the tremendous work carried out by the Russian side in this area.”

He recalled that the emirates provide support to orphanages, schools and other institutions in Russia “as a sign of friendship and mutual assistance". “We are a kind of intermediaries, we give children in Russia modest gifts from their friends from the Emirates. And we will continue to do this with the support of our Russian partners,” he added.

According to the diplomat, Russia remains a “strategic partner” for the UAE, with which “trustworthy relations” have been built. The parties are progressively developing cooperation in various fields: political, trade and economic, investment, defense, as well as in the field of education, medicine, energy, industry and tourism. “We have great prospects for cooperation in all areas of activity. In this regard, our work is aimed not only at developing and strengthening cooperation in priority areas, but also at finding new promising areas for mutually beneficial cooperation,” he stressed.

The Ambassador noted that the parties pay special attention directions that bring the "friendly peoples and cultures" of the Russian Federation and the UAE even closer. “For example, areas related to intercultural interaction, including humanitarian areas, cooperation in the field of tolerance, empowerment of women and youth,” he continued. “A significant role in this is played by the interaction between the specialized institutions of our countries, such as museums, libraries, archives, cultural centers, universities, and so on.”

According to the diplomat, the emirates have already implemented a number of projects in these areas in Russia . “Cooperation and direct interaction have been established, working groups have been created. We have big plans, within the framework of which various events will be held both in Russia and in the Emirates,” the ambassador summed up.

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