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UAE starts joint production of coronavirus vaccine with China

12.05.2021 84 просмотров

The Hayat Vax vaccine will be manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.

joint venture between China's Sinopharm and Emirati's G42 has begun production of a coronavirus vaccine in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The National Emergency and Disaster Management Authority of the UAE announced this on its Twitter page on Tuesday. countries.

"This strategically important step (the start of production - TASS note) will contribute to the development of the UAE's competencies in the field of biotechnology and national healthcare infrastructure," the agency noted.

According to research conducted in the UAE, vaccination against coronavirus in 93% of cases of infection avoids hospitalization, and in 95% of cases - complications that require intensive care and resuscitation.

The agency also added that 72% of people subject to vaccination, have already been vaccinated in the UAE against the coronavirus. It is planned to fully complete vaccination in the country by the end of 2021.

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