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UAE residents spend $17 billion on halal tourism

06.09.2018 72 просмотров

According to a recent study, travelers from the United Arab Emirates are ahead of citizens of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in this indicator.

According to a report prepared by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the second place was taken by the citizens of Saudi Arabia, according to the Khaleej Times newspaper. They forked out for $16 billion. Kuwaiti nationals close the top three. Their spending is equal to $10.4 billion. 

Experts believe that in the coming years, halal tourism will increase due to the growth in the number of adherents of Islam among the world's population and the size of the middle class in Muslim
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states. The trend is also strengthened by the dissemination of travel information, the availability of tourist services and the creation of appropriate infrastructure. The owners of halal hotels note that their guests are attracted not only by the non-alcoholic menu and reasonable prices, but also by the general atmosphere, which allows them not to be exposed to external irritants that do not respond to spirit of Islam. 

The number of Muslim travelers is expected to increase from the current 131 million to 156 million in the coming years. Thus, by 2020, the halal segment in the global tourism industry will increase by almost 22% and amount to almost $ 220 billion.   to which the economy of the Arab states shows steady growth. 

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