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UAE is called to the universal prayer

05.05.2020 105 просмотров

The Committee for the Implementation of the Declaration on Human Fraternity made such an appeal to the world's confessions.

He offers to pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

< b>In low-risk areas in Iran
mosques and schools will reopen

The event is scheduled for May 14th. Each of us, anywhere in the world, should pray according to the rules of his religion or faith, ask the Lord to save the world from general misfortune, the committee said in a statement.

In addition, believers should ask the Almighty to send enlightenment to scientists so that they can quickly find a vaccine against the disease that will save the world from global problems in the humanitarian, economic and medical fields.

With the same appeal, the committee addressed religious leaders around the world, arguing that after the retreat of the pandemic, the Earth will become a better place for people to live.

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