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UAE capital to ban plastic bags

07.04.2022 176 просмотров

The authorities expect that by 2024 the inhabitants of the emirate will be able to completely abandon the use of disposable cups, plates and food containers.

The Abu Dhabi Environmental Protection Agency (EAD) is banning plastic bags from June 1 across the emirate. This was reported by the UAE News Agency on Wednesday.

The measure is part of a comprehensive policy launched by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates in 2020 to protect the environment and combat climate change. According to the agency, the ban on the use of plastic bags is designed to minimize harm to human health and reduce the amount of waste.

It is noted that by June, Abu Dhabi authorities will conduct a large-scale campaign to inform all residents of the emirate about the new rules.

EAD General Secretary Sheikha Salem Al Dhaheri stated that "this policy is carried out in close cooperation with private enterprises that are actively involved in the agency's campaigns."

In addition, she stressed that "the authorities of Abu Dhabi are exploring the possibility of launching a campaign to accept plastic bottles in exchange for cash rewards." Salem Al Dhaheri also added that "by 2024, residents of the emirate stop using disposable cups, plates and food containers.

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