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Tuva learned the name of the new Supreme Kamba Lama

04.10.2020 103 просмотров

A new supreme lama has been elected in the Republic of Tuva.

A new Supreme Kamby Lama (Supreme Lama) has been elected in Tuva, where the current head of the Buddhist community in the region, Jampel Lodoy, died in late June after contracting the coronavirus. This was reported to TASS by Mergen Bakshy Mongush, a representative of the administration of the Kamba Lama of the Republic of Tyva.

“The elections have taken place. Saryglar Sergek Olegovich was elected Kamba Lama. The enthronement (ascension to  department - TASS note) will take place within within a month,  -said the source of the agency.

According to TASS, a specialist of the Agency for Nationalities of Tuva, Sayana Kombui-ool, the new supreme lama of Tuva was elected by secret ballot, as a result of which two-thirds of the clergy of the Buddhist flock chose Saryglar. “He is quite young, and he now serves in heruee Tsechenling (temple in the capital of Tuva Kyzyl city)   added Kombui-ool. Initially, four candidates ran for the post, two of them later withdrew from the elections of their own free will.

The previous 44-year-old high lama was diagnosed with coronavirus on June 10, on the same day he was hospitalized. On June 23, Jampel Lodoy died. He was twice elected Supreme Lama. For the first time, he led the Buddhists of the republic in 2005–2010. He was re-elected Supreme Lama on November 29, 2019.

Elections of the kamba lama of Tuva have been held since 1997. According to tradition, he is elected by a general vote among representatives of the Buddhist clergy.

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