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Turkey starts vaccination against COVID-19 with its own drug

16.01.2022 46 просмотров

Turkey is among 9 countries producing its own coronavirus vaccine. At the beginning of this year, the drug entered the hospitals of the republic, and the number of people wishing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 immediately increased dramatically. 

“In Ankara, many were waiting for the Turkish vaccine to appear. After vaccination with the domestic drug began last week, many applications for the Turkovak vaccine appeared. And today, vaccination is in full swing,” said Ihsan Ates, chief physician of the Ankara City Hospital.

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About two thousand people are vaccinated every day in Ankara hospital alone. These are those who just decided to get vaccinated, and those who needed a third, booster, dose of the vaccine.

“Before that, I had been vaccinated with BioNTech (Biontek). I did not revaccinate until the domestic vaccine was approved, - explainedIkra Avchilar, a resident of Ankara. “I wanted to make Turkovac, because it is a domestically produced vaccine, and this is a great honor for me.”

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Turkovak is an inactivated vaccine that took about a year to develop and test. According to the creators, it is similar to the Chinese drug CoronaVac, however, according to a study by the Vaccine Institute of Hacettepe University in Ankara, the domestic invention is 49 percent more effective. Turkovak, like other vaccines allowed in the republic, is available not only to citizens of the country, but also to foreigners absolutely free of charge. You can get vaccinated in many hospitals, but foreign patients will have to pay about 400 Turkish liras for the service itself. 

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