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Turkey reopens flights between major cities and EU

11.06.2020 72 просмотров

The Turkish company Anadolu Jets has resumed flights on the European route grid.

Passengers with visas and who have been tested for COVID-19 are allowed on board. Flights are operated from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

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"I still can't determine how I feel," said passenger Amal Hallak. When I arrive at my destination, I will have to isolate myself. It's not a problem for me. I don't depend on anyone, but now I don't even know what awaits me tomorrow. I'm very worried."

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"I feel I feel a little insecure, - admitted student Damla Ashi. - If I could, I wouldn’t fly at all. But I have to go back to where I study. And I worry in advance: will we sit too close to each other on the plane ? What if someone is infected? Anyway! And we will survive this"…

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Two other Turkish airlines, Sun Express and Pegasus, have also resumed flights to Europe. 

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