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Turkey completes phase 3 clinical trials of Chinese vaccine

06.02.2021 41 просмотров

The Turks believed in the effectiveness of the life-saving drug from China.

In Turkey, the third phase of testing of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac produced by the SinoVac concern has ended. Volunteers who participated in testing feel good. Their opinion also helped to correct the general mood of the Turkish civil society, which is wary of the products of a pharmaceutical company from China.

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Burak Altantas, volunteer, participant in the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine:

"I was given a form in which I have to mark my temperature 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.


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In addition, I must record any secondary symptoms if I develop any. Also, a robot may call me and ask me about the status my health and any symptoms I may experience. 

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I know some people experience distrust of Chinese goods.I don’t feel any prejudice, because I know that the Chinese wak cina is as good as American and European."

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Rana, Burak's mom:

"I support my son and I am also a volunteer. Humanity has already fully mastered the technologies that the Chinese concern SinoVac Biotech uses. So I don’t think there can be any problems in connection with this vaccination. My son and I support this initiative.”

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According to the general rules of testing, some of the volunteers were injected with a new drug, and the other part - with a safe placebo. The participants in the experiment did not know at the time of testing who received which shot.

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