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Transit automobile communication opens between India, Nepal and Bangladesh

25.04.2018 173 просмотров

It was decided to open the traffic with the launch of tourist bus flights between Dhaka and Kathmandu through the territory of the Indian state of West Bengal. 

The project is organized under a vehicle agreement signed by four neighboring countries of the region: India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. All countries, except for the last one listed, have ratified the document. As for Bhutan, the proposal did not find support in the local parliament in this country, reports IndiaDaily. 

The agreement provides for the unhindered transit of passenger and cargo flows between the countries. All vehicles registered on the territory of these states will receive freedom of movement in the region, including facilitating border control procedures. 

– 23 passengers from Bangladesh, 11 Nepalese and 8 Indians, including two officials from the government of the Indian state. 

“We are preparing a big ceremonial reception as we have high hopes for this route. We believe that regular bus services to Nepal from Bangladesh and back through Darjeeling will revive the interest of tourists in this region,” the official said. 

The distance between Dhaka and Kathmandu is 940 kilometers. Regular buses can cover this distance in 48 hours.

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