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Traffic jams service launched in the capital of Uzbekistan

24.01.2019 149 просмотров

Yandex began to evaluate the congestion of the streets of Tashkent on a 10-point scale.

traffic light that shows the general traffic situation appeared on the main page of the search engine and in the Yandex.Maps navigator.

Russia is ready to build an air metro in Uzbekistan
"air metro »
It is noted that from 0 to 3 points means that the highways are free, 4-6 - traffic is difficult, 7-10 - serious congestion. A motorist can look at a traffic light and decide whether to drive now.

Yandex uses information from various sources. Anonymized and aggregated data comes from Yandex. Maps, Yandex. Navigator" and from partner companies. This information does not provide any information about the driver, but only the location, direction, and speed of the vehicle.

Routes through the streets of the city are compiled in advance. They include major highways and avenues. For each path there is a reference time for which it is possible to pass it on a free road. When the system also receives data from motorists, it evaluates how real time differs from the reference. Then the congestion is calculated in points.

It is already known that there are no traffic jams on weekend mornings, but by Saturday evening the traffic congestion is 6 points. The situation is influenced by the weather and holidays.

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