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Traditional mass wedding held in South Korea

07.02.2020 44 просмотров

Despite the threat of coronavirus, about 6,000 couples from 64 countries took part in the ceremony.

Many brides, in addition to white dresses, also wore snow-white protective face masks. So did the grooms, who complemented their image with respirators in the color of the suit. Before the ceremony, just in case, the Unification Church sterilized the premises and installed a thermal imager. 

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In addition to the newlyweds, the mass wedding was attended by  more than 30,000 guests. 

The Unification Church has been holding mass weddings since 1961. For residents of South Korea, such an event has become a good tradition. Marriages, where several thousand people are announced as husband and wife, are held there annually. 

It is worth noting that most spouses get to know each other a few days before the wedding in order to take part in this large-scale event.  

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