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Toyota and Lexus to serve healthcare workers fighting the spread of coronavirus

08.04.2020 49 просмотров

The Toyota automaker will donate 45 vehicles to medical facilities in Moscow and the region.

Vehicles will be allocated for three months, but if necessary, the company is ready to consider an extension, the automaker said, quoted by TASS.

Vehicles will also be used for diagnostic trips and prompt delivery of tests to the laboratory. Among the cars donated will be crossovers and SUVs that can help doctors get to hard-to-reach regional areas.

"For Toyota, the health and safety of people is a key priority, so we independently took the initiative to support those who are now at the forefront, risking their lives daily and helping others with little or no sleep or rest,” said Shuji Suga, president of Toyota Motor.

As previously reported, the Toyota plant in St. Petersburg extended the suspension of production until April 30 inclusive in connection with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the extension of non-working days until the end of the month.

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