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Tourists are interested in the "mustache" from Turkey

20.01.2020 77 просмотров

Hadji Kyrbach attracted the attention of numerous travelers.

According to a widespread local media report, the 76-year-old man grew a mustache for many years and became a celebrity not only in his native Erzurum, but also in other provinces of the country.

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“I have the longest mustache in Turkey and I'm proud of it. Tourists specially come to Erzurum to take a photo with me. I agree with pleasure, I am pleased with the attention,” says Hadji.

The man added that the mustache requires special care, and every day he spends several hours exclusively on them. He uses special combs and shampoos, and also makes masks that strengthen the hair roots.

Haji is proud of his achievement and believes that he has entered the history of the country.

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