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Tomsk scientists have developed a system for finding people lost in the forest

05.10.2022 ТАСС 89 просмотров

In Tomsk, a system for searching for people in the forest by cell phone was tested.

Researchers at the Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) tested a people search system using a GSM-band base station mounted on a drone. It will allow you to find people in the forest by a mobile phone signal, the press service of the university reported on Tuesday.

"The system of searching for people using a GSM-band base station installed on a multirotor-type unmanned aerial vehicle will allow search teams to find people lost in a wooded area by a cell phone signal," the report says.

Yevgeny Makarov, head of the TUSUR Unmanned aircraft Systems laboratory, explained that at the moment scientists have tested the range of the signal, as well as the features of its direction finding.

"This is necessary in order to know at what distance the station installed on the UAV can pick up a signal from subscribers. At night, when there is hardly a large number of people in the forest besides a lost person, such information may be enough," Makarov said.

The scientist also said that his phone number will allow identifying a specific person in such conditions.

"In the future, we can test the people search system together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the search party "LizaAlert". The exact data (phone number) of the subscriber, to which they have access, will help identify a specific person who is in a wooded area," Makarov added. 

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