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Tokyo authorities have lifted restrictions on the work of public catering

25.10.2021 110 просмотров

Restrictions were lifted only for those establishments that received certificates from the authorities confirming that they comply with sanitary standards for work in a pandemic.

Restrictions on the operation of catering establishments imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic were lifted in Tokyo on Monday for the first time in almost 11 months.

At the same time, restrictions were lifted only for those establishments that received certificates from local authorities confirming that they fully comply with the established tightened sanitary standards for work in a pandemic. The restrictions that have been in place for almost 11 months have included, in particular, a reduction in the opening hours of establishments in the evening and a ban on the sale of alcohol.

However, local authorities are urging restaurateurs to refrain from selling alcohol to visitors after nine in the evening, and also not to sit at the same table more than four people. In the case of visiting establishments in groups of five or more people, it is advised to check if they have been vaccinated against coronavirus, but all this is only a recommendation. The city authorities expect that the lifting of restrictions will help restore the socio-economic activity of the city, however, they call on the owners of cafes, bars and restaurants to be extremely vigilant, fearing a new wave of infection. new cases of infection with coronavirus — on Friday, this figure reached the mark of 26 new cases per day. In the summer, the country faced the fifth wave of the spread of coronavirus - the indicators of daily growth, as well as deaths among those infected, regularly updated their highs for the entire duration of the pandemic. However, in recent weeks in Japan, the daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection has dropped sharply, which the authorities directly attribute to the active vaccination of the population. Currently, less than a thousand cases of infection are registered per day, deaths have practically disappeared, and the number of severe cases of the course of the disease has also sharply decreased. situation in April this year.

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