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Tigress hospitalized with gunshot wounds in Primorye

12.03.2018 154 просмотров

On March 6, in Primorye, not far from the village named after Lazo (Khabarovsk Territory), a tigress driver found a tigress wounded by buckshot. The animal was urgently taken to the veterinary surgical center.

The tigress is about 7 years old. As the doctors told the press, she is in excellent physical shape. The beast's hind leg was injured and internal organs were damaged by a firearm. During the abdominal operation, 4 fragments of buckshot were removed from her body. 

Currently, the big cat is being rehabilitated in a special regional center in the village of Alekseyevka, recovering from wounds and a serious surgical intervention.

The police are taking active measures to find and detain the poacher. 

Veterinarians cautiously give forecasts about the further course of recovery. It is possible that 2 weeks after the operation, the patient's condition may worsen. In this case, the tigress can be taken to Moscow for intensive therapeutic assistance.

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