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"Threads of Fate" - the premiere of the Radio Metro video on the TV channel "Big Asia"

21.02.2020 80 просмотров

The creative team of Radio Metro, our colleagues from St. Petersburg, handed over to the media resource "Greater Asia" a video for the song "Threads of Fate", which was invented and recorded.

The song was created in support of the people of Wuhan, so that they know that there are always people who are ready to lend a helping hand in a difficult situation and jointly overcome temporary difficulties. 

“And in the most difficult test, a friend Stretch out your hands to a friend. Help and salvation will bind us - invisible threads of fate,” the song says.

Expressing support for the people of China in the fight against a new type of coronavirus, the Big Asia TV channel presents its video version of this work. br> The footage is based on TV episodes of News of Great Asia. 

Music by: Denis Davydov
Lyrics by: Anastasia Moshkareva Performers: Slava Faktor, Yulia Adamchuk, Anastasia Orlova

Editing director: Konstantin Matveev (Big Asia TV channel)
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