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Things lost at an Indian airport will be found by a special application

14.03.2018 160 просмотров

Thanks to the database, which is being created by the Indian Airports Security Service (CISF), it will be possible to find out where and when the item was found. A detailed description of the item and where it is currently located will be compiled.

Instead of calling several authorities to look for something forgotten at the airport, now you just need to go to the site or use the mobile application, a CISF employee told IndiaDaily.  

In the fall of 2017, the Indian government launched a global information system UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance). This is a kind of reference and information portal that allows you to pay tax fees, insurance, utility bills, education, etc. The launched application for finding lost objects is part of the global UMANG system. 

This system is integrated with other electronic services that Indian citizens can use by entering their unique code. Therefore, for now, only Indians can use the application to search for things lost at the airport. However, it is possible that if the service is popular with overseas tourists and businessmen, an international version may be developed.

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