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There is no coronavirus in the Gaza Strip

31.07.2020 42 просмотров

In the Gaza Strip, as well as throughout the Muslim world, one of the main holidays of the religious year is celebrated - Eid al-Adha.

It is also called Eid al-Adha, that is, the "holiday of sacrifice" in memory of the sacrifice made by the forefather Abraham. This year it falls on the days from July 31 to August 3.

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Curiously, in Gaza, there are virtually no restrictions related to quarantine, since the number of infected and dead is absolutely minimal. At the same time, on an area of 360 square kilometers - such is the territory of the sector - people manage to enjoy life and celebrate the holiday, having a minimum solvency. Is this not proof of the age-old postulate that happiness cannot be found in money?

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"They usually say that Gaza is a place where life is impossible," says Hani Shamali, a Gaza resident. "Well, I assure you that Gaza is an absolutely normal place, and life is good here, and people are not afraid of the coronavirus!"

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"In normal times, we would have already sold 500-700 sheep right now - after all, there are still nothing at all - less than two weeks! And this year only 35 heads have been sold!" - laments Abu Warda, he is a cattle breeder.

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"If the virus had manifested itself fully in such an unsettled state as Palestine, then we would have already had thousands of deaths," said Abdelnaser Soboh, a representative of the WHO.< br>
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Gaza is home to 2 million people. Among the local residents there are no sick people, let alone deaths. Observation centers for visitors from outside the cordon recorded 75 cases of infection and one death. The WHO does not provide any explanation for this phenomenon of resistance to COVID-19.

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