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There are no more police in Uzbekistan

24.05.2019 141 просмотров

It was replaced by "internal affairs bodies".

In Uzbekistan, they abandoned the name "police". This was reported by TASS with reference to a representative of the public relations department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic. 
A branch opened in Tashkent
Russian Diplomatic University MGIMO

Instead of the obsolete term, inherited from the Soviet era, the phrase "organ of internal affairs" will now be used. Accordingly, all policemen are being renamed as “employees of the internal affairs bodies.”

The report also says that soon the employees of the internal affairs bodies of Uzbekistan will receive a new uniform. It will be made taking into account the best uniforms of law enforcement agencies of foreign countries. 

Let us remind you that last year A tourist police service was created in Uzbekistan.

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